Eve Riot

Here to share an excerpt from HEDONISM HANDBOOK by Michael Flocker for our Booklover's Burlesque: Bedtime Stories Series is EVE RIOT from California! (See below for more about this reading, Eve, and Booklover's Burlesque!)

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Commentary/ Review by our Reader:

"Hello! My name is Eve Riot – and I am a self-proclaimed Hedonist – which is why I decided to read this very cheeky self help book The Hedonism Handbook by Michael Flocker – as I feel many people have twisted this concept to be something ugly. I feel that many need to get back to realizing that a work life balance is actually something quite beautiful. Taking time to yourself and indulge a little every day – is never a bad thing! You need to recharge your batteries – not burn out! So get yourself a cup of tea or glass of wine, and enjoy!"

Eve Riot is a classically trained dancer who has decided to go on to experiment in all forms of performance art they can find and is inspired by everything around them. With 20 years of Russian Ballet to form a foundation of artistic expression they have gone on to adapt and evolve into modern dance, drag, the circus aerial arts, fire flow, and finally burlesque where they found their tribe.

With a philosophy that you can always learn more by expanding your horizons - Eve Riot has traveled and performed around the North American continent. They have roots in San Luis Obispo with the longest running Central Coast troupe SLO Tease and the North County wine bar pop up troupe The Glampede. They have gone to perform in San Francisco, Savannah, Jacksonville, Tucson, Boise, & Long Beach fusing classical burlesque with fetish. Last year they had their first festival experience with the first International Saskatoon Burlesque Festival – and can only hope for more.

Eve Riot may work full time in software – developing for the health and wellness industry – but spends most of their free time studying art and striving to support their fellow artists. They spend time teaching choreography, social media and basic self-portraiture while running their own patreon and the social media account of a local burlesque troupe. In their “free” time they spend time taking dance classes, reading history, sociology, drinking tea, and taking long walks with their dog.


(Where she provides an introspective and evolving approach to burlesque and kink, plus resources for you to expand your own creativity from photography, art classes, dance and more)

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