Bedtime Stories Series

This is precisely the time when artists go to work. There is no time for despair, no place for self pity, no need for silence, and no room for fear. We do language. That is how civilizations heal.

- Toni Morrison

Presenting the BOOKLOVER'S BURLESQUE: Bedtime Stories Series-- a series of video "readings" created by burlesque, drag, literary, & theatre artists with the purpose of bringing a bit of joy, pleasure, and empowerment during the difficult time of COVID-19 Quarantine to anyone who needs it.

These intimate "Bedtime Stories" have been curated to represent the sex, body, and queer positive, inclusive, and feminist mission of Booklover's Burlesque and include a mix of genres, many sexy and titillating, others treasured favorites of our Readers, some classic literature, humor, non-fiction, original work by local writers/authors, and much, much more!

These stories are a gift to you, our audience!

BOOKLOVER'S BURLESQUE: Bedtime Stories Series

Come Curious. Leave Transformed.

Presenting Our Readers

Click on the names or images of the Readers below to view their Bedtime Story!