The International Booklover's Burlesque Festival 

 The International Booklover's Burlesque Festival is an annual celebration of literary and performing arts, highlighting burlesque, boylesque, and draglesque artists from around the world and some of your favorite literary pieces and some you have never heard before.  Our four-day festival takes place in Portland, Oregon USA at multiple locations, including two main "open-themed" showcases celebrating all genres of the written word at the historic Alberta Rose Theatre, our exclusive "classic literature" burlesque brunch show at the Victorian Belle Mansion, and our Opening Night Enchanted Gala & Cabaret specialty "themed" show.  Our festival features nearly 60 different acts and performers, each show featuring different casts, including world-renowned "Guests of Honor," performing artists and authors, professional actors/readers, and specially-curated burlesque, boylesque, and draglesque acts. 

Each show is entirely different, with different casts and acts, so audience members should buy a separate tickets for each day.  Come join us for our unique, annual festival on April 11-14, 2024!

2024 Festival Tickets

 The International Booklover's Burlesque Festival tickets are on sale now!  Click below for tickets!

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About Booklover's Burlesque

BOOKLOVER'S BURLESQUE, produced by Lacy Knightly/ Nick Lacy of Lacy Productions, is the world's sexiest literary salon which matches titillating, inspiring, and/or empowering book readings with burlesque, boylesque, or draglesque performances. Professional readers, actors, or authors read aloud a piece of writing from any genre and are then followed by a burlesque, boylesque, or draglesque performance inspired by the piece in aesthetic, feel, emotion, character, plot, etc. 

Since early 2016, we have produced quarterly shows highlighting genres such as gothic literature, science fiction, erotica, fantasy, fairy tales, mysteries, classic literature, and more. We strive to raise up both the literary and the performing arts, empower others as well as entertain through the written word and a bit of tease, support and promote books, literacy, and burlesque, and be open, diverse, and inclusive to all in a safe, welcoming environment.