Brad Puddin

Here to share an excerpt from WICKED: The Life & Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire for our Booklover's Burlesque: Bedtime Stories Series is BRAD PUDDIN' from Toronto, Ontario Canada!

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Commentary/ Review by our Reader:

Brad Puddin’, Canada’s messy and delicious delicacy mixes together their love of reading and musical theatre to bring you a delectable reading full of baffonary, fun, musical theatre, casual story telling, and lots of fuzzy peach puddin’ to behold. After a small introduction, enjoy an excerpt from best selling novel WICKED: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West or simply WICKED by Gregory Maguire that also features small clips from the musical of the same name by Stephen Schwartz (music/lyrics) and Winnie Holzman (book) . Grab some tea, get cozy, and enjoy a small bit of the dark and philosophical novel that inspired the fifth longest running musical that just celebrated its 16th year on Broadway this past October 30th.

Brad Puddin’ is Canada’s "Pillsbury Hol’Toy", a mouth watering recipe of debauchery, foolery, sex, character, and body baked to perfection! A Sheridan Musical Theatre Performance Degree graduate, and international burlesque performer, Brad is baking decadence in their booty oven, and serving looks whenever they can. Having begun performing burlesque two and a half years ago, they often work with Pointed Capped Playhouse, and are a frequent conspirer and collaborator with the Whimsical Entity: BonBon Bombay.

Brad began co-producing an art salon burlesque event titled: A Night of Puddin in May 2019 with Ty Sloane aka. Tygr Willy. Along with their left ball, they are a proud recipient of the Legend’s Choice Award and Runner Up at the 2018 Edmonton Burlesque Festival’s Bunny Competition with their “Mad Hatter Act”.

Notable quotes about the Mad Hatter Act include:

“You are so nutty!”, “It was nothing what I expected but everything I didn’t know I needed!”, “I’ve been in the military for thirty years and have never seen tea bagging that good!”, and more!

Brad also won the 2020 Seattle Pride Feature in the Fierce Queer Performing Arts Festival as part of the queer group Assorted Toronto Gays. No matter how you stick it in the Puddin’, and no matter how deep in the Puddin’ you get, Brad promises to be messy...and delicious!

For more information about Brad Puddin', follow him on Instagram at @bradpuddinmayanaise and find him on Facebook!

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