Kitten A. Round

Here to read an excerpt from UNMASKED: Collected Thrillers for our Booklover's Burlesque: Bedtime Stories Series is Kitten A. Round from Portland, Oregon! (See below for more about Kitten and Booklover's Burlesque!)

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Meowza! Kitten A. Round is a Pacific NorthWest purebred pussycat who puts the ass in sass!

Though local, this little kitten has spent their whole life playfully purrrrforming song, dance, improv and theater of all types for audiences all over.

If you think you recognize the fuffy/frisky and familiar cattitude from around town, you might! A former exotic dancer, Kitten A. Round has also graced the stage of The Clinton Street Theater with the longest running Rocky Horror Picture Show and is also a well known go-go dancer/beef cake for the popular local band Internet Beef.

Graduate of Portland’s own Rose City School of burlesque, Kitten A. Round has learned some new tantalizing tricks and has brought that playful joy and feline fever to every performance. You may have seen them dancing with their fellow kitties in "Dog Days of Summer," or clowning around with the Curiosity Closet, or a part of their famous "My Little Pony" group act at "Starting Point," with Little Lioness Productions as well as with The Bifrost Collective and My Geek Glory!

Fond of the finer things indeed, don’t assume this kitten is tame, they are cute, curvy, cuddly and cool...until the claws come out!

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