Lady Nightshade

Here to share the short story, "Seven Sisters," from RELATIVE SCALE by Abi Godsell for our Booklover's Burlesque: Bedtime Stories Series is LADY NIGHTSHADE from Johannesburg, South Africa!

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RELATIVE SCALE by Abi Godsell is a collection of short stories spanning the journey from childhood to living as an adult in this sometimes lonely yet star-filled world. I have chosen to read the first story "Seven Sisters". This story teaches you to be a go-getter when everyone else is telling you to slow down and wait even in failure you can succeed. This means a lot to me as it reminds me of my earlier days of leaving the corporate world and creating my own passion in life.

Fall through the looking glass into a whimsical land of sugar and sass. Lady Nightshade started her Burlesque journey in 2017 when she stage kittened for Vintage Cheek. There she was mentored and trained by Miss Oh!, Lady Nightshade created the treat that is her signature comedic, neo-burlesque act, the sugar plum fairy, where her presence is a present! In 2019 she became co-founder of Vintage Nouveau Burlesque alongside Brock Hard and Meme Le Meow, Lady Nightshade is a delightful tease, creating acts that leave you smiling at the mixture of naughty and nice, sweet and sassy, silly and sensual.


Instagram: @lady_nightshade


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