Lady Winkheart

Here to share an excerpt from BURLESQUE AND THE NEW BUMP-N-GRIND by Michelle Baldwin for our Booklover's Burlesque: Bedtime Stories Series is LADY WINKHEART from Finland! (See below for more about this reading, Lady Winkheart, and Booklover's Burlesque!)

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Commentary/ Review by our Reader"

"BURLESQUE AND THE NEW BUMP-N-GRIND is my first burlesque book ever. I've got it as a Christmas present from a very special person in 2010 - the year when I started burlesque, producing and performing. I've read that book several times and it still is The Burlesque Book for me. I've also collected signatures and greetings to the book from artists who has been mentioned there. In this video I'll read an excerpt from the chapter one."

LADY WINKHEART - Mesmerizing Goddess of Curves

Would you like to hear a story with Lady Winkheart? Lady Winkheart is Turku, Finland based artist, model and adventurer. She loves to travel, get stuck deep in a good adventure and explore life. Lady Winkheart has been performing since 2010, and she loves to tell one of her stories to You.

Her Studio Winkheart - Southwest Finland's only burlesque studio- offers every kind of burlesque teaching. During all these years she has produced over 20 burlesque evenings all by herself or with a good company.

Pssst. Did you know that all of her headdresses and most of her costumes are made by herself - Made by Winkheart? Materials are always almost 100% second hand. Honoring and loving nature is her beloved lifestyle among burlesque.

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