Magenta Lust

Here to read a collection of sonnets by William Shakespeare for our Booklover's Burlesque: Bedtime Stories Series is MAGENTA LUST from Scotland! (See below for more about this reading, Magenta, and Booklover's Burlesque!)

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Commentary/ Review by our Reader:

"I chose a selection of my favourite Shakespeare Sonnets to read in my garden for you. I thoroughly enjoyed studying them at high school - for my creative writing folio, I was tasked with writing my own sonnet too! I was hoping to find it for this video, but alas, I have not been able to as of yet.

I also studied sonnets during my two years at acting school, learning RP (Received Pronunciation) English and working on a dramatisation of Sonnet 141 for my final exam."

Magenta Lust is an internationally recognised, multi award winning neo-burlesque performer from Fife, Scotland - captivating audiences throughout Europe for 11years with her tantalising movements and passionate performances.

Magenta is notably recognised for her outlandish and eccentric costumes – designed and beautifully crafted in association with local Fife avant-garde costume designer Caged Crinoline.







Sonnets (read in order): 5; 15; 18; 19; 27; 54; 57; 71; 80; 116; 128; 129; 130; 141; 147; 154

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