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Here to share an excerpt from BOBBED HAIR & BATHTUB GIN by Marion Meade for our Booklover's Burlesque: Bedtime Stories Series is MAMIE DEMURE from Portland, Oregon!

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I was drawn to Marion Meade’s book because I’ve been a fan of Dorothy Parker since my teen years and was excited to learn more about her as well as other women authors of the 1920s. I’m loving this book and the way Meade seamlessly transitions between the lives of each author, year by year. I knew little to nothing about Edna St. Vincent Millay before this but her personality just jumps off the page. Excited to share what I’m learning!

Mamie Demure, a graduate of the Prestigious Rose City School of Burlesque and magna cum laude from the Prestigious Harvard school of Jazz hands, has been shimmying and shaking all over since 2011. From the arctic north of Portland to the sweltering south of Portland, and even occasionally farther, to the middling temperatures of Olympia, Seattle, and that one time to San Francisco, Mamie has been taking it off and if not making it rain, being there while it was raining already. When she’s not world traveling (see above) she’s often at home, telling her cat that it is more beautiful than all the sunsets in all the galaxies put together, times infinity.

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