Marla Darling

Here to read "The Waltz" by Dorothy Parker for our Booklover's Burlesque: Bedtime Stories Series is MARLA DARLING Portland, Oregon!

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Marla Darling (she/they) is the co-host, producer, creator of Drag Dangerzone: a Drag Open Mic. She is commonly referred to as the Punk Rock Tia of Portland drag community. Marla has been a featured performer at Haute Glue, Killer Queen, Death of Glitter, Tacky Wacky, and Femmes Of...She is the originator of Framed and Dried: A Tori Amos night, Bjork Friday, and has a few other tributes to women in alternative and punk rock circles in the works. Marla has been a featured performer at the Austin International Drag Festival. She recently celebrated her seventh year drag anniversary.

She would like to dedicate this reading to her mother, Vicki.

For more information about Marla Darling, follow her on Instagram at @marladarlingpdx or @dragdangerzonepdx


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