Miss Cherry Jackson

Here to share an excerpt from I AM A WOMAN by Ann Bannon for our Booklover's Burlesque: Bedtime Stories Series is MISS CHERRY JACKSON from New York!

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Miss Cherry Jackson is a New York burlesque performer that started as a troupe leader with SUNY New Paltz’s burlesque troupe, Alpha Psi Ecdysia. She loves incorporating Latin dances in her acts, especially salsa, so she can shake her cherry bomb booty!

Commentary/ Review by our Reader:

I chose this book because it is my favorite book out of the lesbian pulp fiction series, Beebo Brinker. I love lesbian pulp fiction because it expresses themes and ideas that were taboo when it was written in the 50s and 60s in a poetic, covert manner. Ann Bannon was able to get away with writing a lot, because instead of directly discussing sex and sexuality she delicately described these themes with an aura of sensuality. I AM A WOMAN is also the first sexual lesbian novel that I read after coming out. I AM A WOMAN helped me to become comfortable with my sexuality and with expressing my needs and desires.

For more information, find Miss Cherry Jackson on Instagram @misscherryjackson

Venmo: @Sydney-Cherry-2

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