Miss Mary Jane Green

Here to share an excerpt from AS ABOVE, SO BELOW: Art of the Fraternal Society (1850-1930) by Lynne Adele & Bruce Lee Webb for our Booklover's Burlesque: Bedtime Stories Series is MISS MARY GREEN from Dallas, Texas!

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I chose to read a selection from 'As Above, So Below: Art of the American Fraternal Society, 1850-1930' by Lynne Adele & Bruce Lee Webb because of my first hand knowledge as a Lodge member. Fraternal membership has shaped my life in very positive ways and watching shows on Netflix like “America’s Book of Secrets’ which are full of conspiracy theories, misunderstandings and outright lies really makes me want to explain a little bit of the positive impact of Fraternal life in my local community. The immense symbolism within Fraternal life is perfectly explained and illustrated in this beautiful book.

Miss Mary Jane Green, internationally touring performance artist & music hall vaudevillian, pulls inspiration from Weimar Kabarett, UFA German Expressionism & early Hollywood cinema. She evokes the glory days of titillating cabaret appearing on stages across the US, Canada, New Zealand & Europe. A lifelong performer, she holds a Master's in Drama & studied on Broadway. Mary Jane is also the founder of ‘Show Pony Express - Have Bag, Will Travel’ a niche shop for traveling performers. Known as “The Trouser Tent Teaser”, prepare to have your tent popped!

For more information about Miss Mary Jane Green, follow her on Instagram at @missmaryjanegreen and visit her website at www.missmaryjanegreen.com - see tab ‘Show Pony Express’, a niche shop for traveling performers

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