Ruby Jinxx

Here to read LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD by Brothers Grimm for our Booklover's Burlesque: Bedtime Stories Series is RUBY JINXX from Olympia, Washington!

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This story is typically told to children as a morality story, don't speak to strangers, obey your mother's wishes etc. As an adult I think that the Wolf can symbolize more, anything that is a danger to us. For me, this can be anything like depression and anxiety, hiding and trying to trick you into going off the path. The story ends happily with help from a curious huntsman in this tale, but in the second ending Red and her Grandmother take the matter into their own hands and end the wolf themselves.

Ruby is the mistress of mayhem and a maiden of misfortune, a real "bad luck" charm. Puttin' the "Boo" in "Booty" Ruby first slithered on a stage in Olympia in 2018. She gets her sass from the roller rink, and loves to T-T-Tease.

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