Velvet Rose

Here to share an excerpt from VIXEN UNLEASHED: Volume One by Vixen DeVille for our Booklover's Burlesque: Bedtime Stories Series is VELVET ROSE from Wroclaw, Poland!

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Commentary/ Review by our Reader:

VIXENS UNLEASHED: Volume One is a coffee table book written by Vixen DeVille. It contains the stories from burlesque dancers (from beginners to pros) - they explain what burlesque changed in their lives and what burlesque classes brings to their lives. For me it's very empowering reading all these beautiful stories I can relate to. I think even if you're not a burlesque dancer or burlesque lover - you can definitely find something for you in this book, like how to encourage yourself to do the things that you were afraid of!

Velvet Rose is a Burlesque Performer based in Wroclaw, Poland. She graduated the "Bachelorette of Burlesque" by Marelene von Steenwag in Berlin, Germany and performs internationally, creating her own world on stage. She is mysterious, sensual, and passionate, but also with a pinch of humor. Look into her eyes and drown in emotions... but remember: the roses also have thorns! Don't let the first impression trick you! Underneath the soft top layer, a strong and dangerous mind is hidden!

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